Assitej is an international network of organizations and people working in the field of THEATRE for YOUNG AUDIENCES (TYA). It is recognized by UNESCO and ITI as a specialized frontier in theatre. ASSITEJ was established in 1965 through a global alliance of professional theatre for children and young people. Today, ASSITEJ links thousands of theatres, organizations and individuals through national centres in 90 countries.

ASSITEJ India was founded in 2004, by an alliance of seven groups/ companies from different parts of India. It was officially recognized by the ASSITEJ (International) as the gatekeeper centre with efforts by Mr. H Chhawntluanga. In the last 10 years apart from international exposure to our members at various international festivals and seminars Assitej India has organized events like a National Conference, Storytelling Festival in six cities, published India’s
first magazine on TYA titled “More than child’s play”, a National Seminar on TYA in association with MGAHV (University at Wardha), a TYA workshop with the Department of Theatre Arts, Hyderabad Central University and a National Seminar on “Advocacy and documentation in TYA”.ASSITEJ India’s endeavour is to help grow and strengthen TYA work with a vision to unite professionals in the field, help create aesthetically& artistically mounted plays, develop viewing culture with regular shows,
create a body of literature in the genre, link it to education, and spread awareness amongst families and schools—all for the cause of children and young. At present, ASSITEJ India has 30 members from 10 states, and the number is increasing.

For the last 3 years, ASSITEJ India is organising "Tifli" - an international theatre festival for young audience.

“Tifli” is for children, and their mentors in schools, communities and families. Tifli, which means "Childhood" or "Bachpan" is an International Theatre for Young Audience (TYA) festival. At a time when arts intervention in education is gaining momentum, ASSITEJ slogan says “Take your child to theatre today”. The logic is simple- arts intervention is possible with exposure to good theatre specially created for children. Since 2014 Tifli is being organised every year by Assitej India in New Delhi. Hyderabad and Mumbai joined Tifli as satellite festival since 2015 and 2016 respectively.

In Last 3 years Tifli has featured teams from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, France, Iran and Sri Lanka. From India we have had some of the finest theatre groups such as Habib Tanvir's Naya Theatre, Rangshankara Theatre from Bangalore, Katkatha Puppet Art trust from Delhi, Indian mime theatre of Niranjan Goswami from Kolkata etc. The festival has showcased performances across genere such as puppet theatre, Object Theatre, Mime, Music theatre and Theatre for Toddlers (for children between 2 to 5 years).

Tifli has organised International Youth Residency for young artists so that they can learn the art within the set up of a professional atmosphere. Young artists from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Argentina, USA, South Africa, Luxembourg, Iceland, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Japan, has attended it. Each year Tifli welcome 20000-25000 Children across three cities. These children comes from various backgrounds. They are from Rich International Schools to Children from NGO's and also rehabilitation centres.

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